Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Square Drive Series
Low Profile Series
Backup Wrench
Manual Torque Wrenches
key Manual
Hydraulic Puller
La Series Automatic Vehicle Hydraulic Puller
La Series Vehicle Hydraulic Puller
Torque Wrench Pump
Electric Pump
Pneumatic Pump
Hydraulic Cylinder
Single-acting Series
Double-acting Series
Hydraulic Pump For Cylinder
Electric Pmup
Bolt Tensioner
Hts Series
Hsr Series
Wst Series
Hte Series
Hydraulic Pump For Bolt Tensioner
Shnp Series
High Pressure Pump
Super High Pressure Pump
Twin Hoses
Impact Sockets
Hexagon Cassette Reducers
Thresd Mate
Power Torque Tools
Electrical Torque Wrench
Pneumatic Torque Wrench
Smart Socket
Torque Calibrator


WREN was established in 1992 as a professional manufacturer of a complete range hydraulic equipment from 70Mpa to 300Mpa operating pressures. Over the past twenty years we have worked closely with our customers from Europe, United States and around the rest of the world to bring the latest innovations and technology to the global hydraulic equipment market. By investing in the latest technology research we have been able to develop a range of leading specialist hydraulic tools such as our super high pressure pumps and torque wrenches.

We focus on providing the highest quality products manufactured with state of the art CNC technology, using international quality standards as our base, adding innovations developed by our high qualified technical team at WREN, to providing world leading products setting new standards for the term ‘Made in China’ on world markets.