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What is the use of hydraulic wrench?

Hydraulic wrench is composed of hydraulic torque wrench body, hydraulic torque wrench dedicated pumping station and double high pressure hose and high strength heavy sleeve. What is the use of hydraulic wrenches?

1, some bolts installed in the space is very narrow place can not use long arm or hammering method to fasten and remove the bolt;

2, some long-term use of equipment in a relatively humid place, the bolt rust can not be manually demolished, and therefore difficult to test;

3, in the impact of pipeline and high-altitude equipment on the framework of fastening and removal of bolts, the staff is wearing a seat belt is also difficult to use, to safely complete the work is very difficult;

4, according to the equipment management power giant agency statistics, in the equipment operation failure more than 50% is due to the bolt caused by the problem, due to bolt problems caused by the number of major equipment accidents are also very alarming, so the new equipment installation and inspection specifications of the bolt Tightening torque requirements more stringent, effectively ensure that the artificial method is difficult to achieve the required torque value

5, hydraulic torque wrench is the ideal solution to solve the above problems. The tool with the supporting high-pressure hydraulic pump produced by the high-pressure oil as a driving force to automatically complete the bolt fastening and disassembly work, smooth, no impact, safety, high quality assembly.