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Master the maintenance of hydraulic wrench technology

The maintenance of the hydraulic wrench is not only the need for our hydraulic wrench manufacturers to provide, and sometimes some small problems as long as we have a slight guide so a little bit can easily solve, so, know the hydraulic wrench maintenance skills and failure Treatment for everyone in terms of very important, especially those after-sales service is not particularly good manufacturers even more need us to grasp these skills.

In our ordinary days, there are a lot of people on the hydraulic wrench know are less contrast. Why do you say that? Mainly because a lot of different people exposed to the industry are not the same thing, but we are on a lot of things are only know that some of their fur Qi, but on its specific meaning of the deep we do not How to know.

Ordinary use of things, there are some things to note, is that we need to know. For example, is the hydraulic wrench of the usual repair method, then the hydraulic wrench ordinary repair methods which, we probably pay attention to what? In the use of hydraulic wrench, we need to look at the use of hydraulic wrench instructions, we use this series of pumps when the use of homework, we need to pay attention to the use of its additional medium oil, but this additional ambient temperature The demand is equal to less than ten degrees of this time, we can another hydraulic oil, but this can be the ambient temperature of the hydraulic oil can be ambient temperature, but there is a section can make more than forty degrees when the time can be used , Because not the same type of hydraulic wrench required oil is not the same.

But when we use this homework in the fuel tank, the inside of the liquid surface is about to adhere to the fixed limit of the oil above, so to avoid a lot of questions on the containment of anti-oil pump. When we are in the refueling time we should be able to use this kind of comparison of fine filter oil filter to remove some of the impurities. So that we often use, from time to time and then replace the oil filter, or when we use the six months when the fuel tank for a second cleaning and then replace the new oil.