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Wrench oil contaminants

1) External invasive pollutants: external invasive pollutants are mainly in the atmosphere of gravel or dust, usually through the hydraulic wrench tank stoma, cylinder seal shaft, pump and motor equiaxial invasion system. Mainly the use of the environment.

2) internal pollutants: hydraulic wrench components in the processing, assembly, commissioning, packaging, storage, transportation and installation of residual pollutants, of course, these processes are unavoidable, but can be reduced to the lowest, some special components in the Assembly and commissioning in a clean room or clean bench environment.

3) pollutants generated by the hydraulic wrench system: the system in the course of the operation due to the wear and tear of the particles produced on the castings off the sand, pumps, valves and joints off the metal particles, the pipe rust stripping with its Oil oxidation and decomposition of the particles and colloids, more serious is the system pipeline in the formal input before the course did not have a lot of impurities through the erosion.